Your original, signed Will is the only legally binding version of your Will.


Copies are not usually valid, so you need to keep your original safe and secure.


If it is lost, stolen, damaged (e.g. in a house fire), then you don’t have a valid Will. 

You should not keep it at home.

If you have difficult family circumstances, bear in mind that if whoever gets to the Will first finds they could benefit if the Will did not exist, you may end up not having a valid Will.

There is no point in putting a Will nice and secure under floorboards, in a secret drawer and so on, if nobody can find it when they need to.

You should tell relevant people that you have made a Will and where it is being kept and how to get access to it. Think carefully before telling anyone what is in your Will.

JC Independent Wills & Probate can store your Will for you. For more information see our services page.