Not making a Will can lead to confusion as well as unnecessary heartache and expense for your loved ones at the worst possible time.

For more information on what happens to your estate if you don;t have a Will, please see the latest intestacy rules.

Do you own your property? If so, your estate will be a lot easier to administer if you make a Will.

Do you have young children? By making a Will you will be able to create a bespoke trust that will provide for your family’s financial security and appoint Guardians to look after your children. These will be the people you think are right rather than those who interfere most or speak loudest after your death.

Do you have a complicated family structure? By making a Will, you will be able to address the competing and different needs of everyone in your family unit.

If you make a Will…

  • the legal process will be easier, and much less painful at a difficult time for your loved ones
  • you can name the beneficiaries (including charities and friends if you so wish) with confidence they will inherit
  • you can appoint guardians to look after your children until they reach the age of eighteen
  • you can distribute your assets in such a way to minimise Inheritance Tax charges
  • your family will have clear directions on how to deal with your affairs and may not need to employ (and pay) professionals.

If you don’t make a Will…

  • on your death you will have died intestate which can lead to financial hardship and distress whilst your affairs are sorted out (see the intestacy rules for what will happen)
  • you will have no control over who will inherit what you own, it will depend on the size of your estate and family
  • you will have no control over who looks after your children, the courts will appoint someone on your behalf
  • your estate may have to pay a large charge of Inheritance Tax
  • your family may have to employ professionals to sort out the mess that you leave behind at a high cost.