You can write a Will yourself, but professional advice will ensure it is interpreted in the way you want.

Making a Will is an emotional and sensitive process that needs to be done thoroughly and carefully.


There are 4 stages in making a valid and useful Will:

  • Information

    Recording all pertinent information and getting advice on how best to structure the Will is key to the whole process.  If this is not done, or not done fully and accurately, the remaining stages will be pointless.

  • Drafting

    JC Independent Wills & Probate will draft your Will within 2 weeks of you confirming your instructions.

  • Signing

    It is important you sign the Will in the right places because if this is not done correctly (or not done at all), then your Will won’t be valid. It will also need to be witnessed. Once signed your Will becomes a legal document.

  • Storage

    It is important that your Will is stored safely, since if the original can’t be found, you’ll have no valid Will. A copy isn’t acceptable.

Professional advice will ensure your wishes are properly represented and ambiguity is removed. 

Even questions need to be clearly defined and understood before they are answered.  For example:

  • If you were asked “how many children do you have”? Would you know whether to include natural children, step-children, illegitimate children, foster children or adopted children?
  • If you were asked to put an approximate value of your estate in order to minimise Inheritance Tax liability, would you know what to include, and what could be discounted? If you put the wrong figure on a questionnaire, it could make a total nonsense of the resulting Will.