When you die somebody has to deal with your estate including collating all your assets, paying any debts and distributing what is left to your beneficiaries. This process is called Probate.

Probate is usually required to enable your assets (property, money etc) to be distributed following your death.

Obtaining Probate is generally the responsibility of the Executor(s) of your Will.

If there is no Will, it is the responsibility of your next of kin.



The process of Probate

  • Collecting Information

    Collecting the information about all of the assets and liabilities of the deceased. This includes identifying and valuing all assets of the deceased. It also includes accounting for any taxes due.

  • Applying for Probate

    Preparing the Tax Returns and the applying to the Probate Registry for the Grant of Representation, either:
    – Probate (if you have left a valid will and an executor is acting)
    – Letters of administration with Will (if you have left a valid Will but no executor is acting)
    – Letters of administration (usually if you have no valid Will).

  • Asset distribution

    This starts by getting together all the assets. You then need to settle any outstanding liabilities and prepare the accounts for the estate. Finally, identify and locate all beneficiaries before distributing the estate among the beneficiaries.

The Probate Service is part of the Family Division of the High Court. It deals with ‘non-contentious’ probate business (where there is no dispute about the validity of a will or entitlement to take a grant), and issues grants of representation, either:
We can help with:

  • Valuing assets and liabilities at the time of death
  • Applying for Grant of Probate
  • Gathering in assets
  • Settling liabilities
  • Calculating tax
  • Producing estate accounts
  • Distributing the estate to the beneficiaries

We can also help in situations where contentious probate arises.

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Our probate services are offered on a fixed fee basis. Please get in contact for details.