What age will you be ready to have Wills prepared?

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Earlier this year, I met the most delightful couple, who had never quite got round to getting Wills in place.

They were in their nineties, and were very inspiring people.

I could see how they had aged so well, as they both had a really compassionate and joyful attitude, and the lady in particular, was forever explaining to me, many ways that they were blessed.

They had lost so many friends, relatives and neighbours along the way, but they were both still alive. Blessed.

They heard of others having family fall outs, but their small family was close, and they trusted both children enough to appoint them as attorneys in their LPAs. Blessed.

They had at least a couple of grand saved for a rainy day. Blessed.

And then they asked me “do people really get round to having Wills before reaching our age?”

It made me smile.

When something happens, to make you conscious of the need to get on with Wills, do your family a favour, and get on with it. Even if you’re what some call a blended family, and you think tricky conversations will be part of the process. Still get on with it. The consciousness of knowing you need to take action, is a blessing.

If you’re not ready to book an appointment, pick up the phone to a friendly professional who is happy to chat through ideas with you. In case you’re wondering, it is possible to protect your share of the assets, so that they definitely pass to your own children, while being there for your partner or spouse to use first, during their lifetime.

Having a chat with Jane Cassell of JC Independent Wills & Probate won’t cost a penny. Call her on 01727 840 240 and you’ll see how easy that first step can be.


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