Promote your adult children if appropriate

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Clients who have children approaching eighteen, should consider getting on with Wills for now, with a view to promoting children as they reach adulthood.

I have clients who went ahead with Wills last year, knowing that they’d want to put eldest son in charge as a guardian for younger siblings as well as promote as a back up executor, once he reached eighteen years.

Well, they’re back in touch now, to get these changes in place. In fact, while the iron was hot, I prepared the new Wills in readiness, last year, knowing this change was important to them.

A small but significant change like this, is an easy thing for my firm to turn around, so there won’t be a charge in this particular case, but try to agree no fee with your professional adviser, if this is the situation you find yourself in.

The thing is, you really do have to wait, to appoint adult children as executors, guardians or indeed attorneys in your Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs). That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go ahead with these valuable documents though.

Just agree an upgrade at a sensible price, or even better, no charge.

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